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Ek Balam
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Ek Balam
          Ek balam means “Black Jaguar”. Very little was known about this place, but due to the restoration works, we know that it was a city of great importance and with very particular characteristics. Some buildings were dated from 300 BC. and up to the arrival of the Spaniards. The city included a surface of 12 squared km. with a population of 15,000 inhabitants and its government had influence up to the north coast of Yucatan.
          Here was discovered the tomb of the King Ukit Kan Le’k To’k the, which is located in a section of the building called The Acropolis, one of the biggest pyramids of the Maya civilization. The entrance to the tomb resembles the mouth of a monster and some characters like angels guard the entrance, also there is a great amount of carved details, making it an artistic wonder.
          The whole city was surrounded by two concentric walls and another one which joined the central buildings. It also has a ball court, an observatory and a Mayan arch. Also several carved rocks were found, and many other buildings are still being restored.

X'Canche Cenote
          The Xcanche cenote is located to one and a half kilometers from Ek Balam; the cenote is type of vertical walls, with a drop of fifteen meters to water level, making it spectacular. Besides, it is surrounded by thick vegetation and tree roots that go down to water level.
          To get to this cenote there are mountain bikes for rent next to the entrance to the archaeological zone. In the cenote there are some services such as rappel descent, camping area and restaurant of typical food.

Timetable & Fares
Timetable: It´s open every day of the year from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm
Fare for nationals : $73 pesos.
Fare for foreigners : $101 pesos.
  • Access to Mayapan is free for nationals on sunday, with identification.
  • From monday to saturday discounts for students, teachers and seniors (Inapam) apply with valid identification.

  • Location & How to Get to Ek Balam
    Location: Ek Balam is located 180 km from Merida and 28 km from Valladolid in eastern of Yucatan state.
    How to Get to Ek Balam from Merida
    • How to Get by Bus: you have to go first to Valladolid; from CAME terminal of 1rst class, located on the 70th street and 71th in Merida downtown; the tiemtable is at 6:00, 6:30, 7:40, 8:00, 9:15, 9:40, 10:40, 11:00, and 12:40 hrs; the price of teh ticket is $176 pesos and takes 2 and a half hrs tio get there; from Valladolid you ca take a taxi to Ek Balam, which takes 20 more minutes.
    • How to Get by Car: from Merida city you have to go to Valladolid first. Take the 59th street until the outloop of the city, here you'll find the signal to Valladolid is the same one that goes to Chichen Itza, when get to Knatunil Village you hace the option to go by the freeway or take the tollroad; if you go on the freeway, you wll get there in 2 hrs. If you go on the tollroad, it takes 1 and a half hr. from Valladolid you must go northward, it takes 20 more minutes until Ek Balam.

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