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Mayan Archaeological Sites
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          Mayapan was known as “The Walled City” and was considered the last great Mayan capital.
          Its name means "The Forgiveness of Maya"; It is one of the oldest sites, it was occupied from before the Christian era, but its heyday was between 1200 and 1450 D.C. Despite not having big buildings, About 4,000 structures have been found, most of them within an oval wall, which limits an area of 4.2 square km. In many buildings there is a similarity with the city of Chichen Itza, but on a smaller scale.
          In the center of the city are the most important buildings, between them the castle of Kukulcan, the crematorium, a temple with round dome, similar to Chichen Itza observatory, but without having the same function; there is also the structure used by the governor, the room of the masks, the temple of the warriors, among many other. In the zone the are some murals, the best preserved is the painting of the fisherman temple, with allusions to the way to fish and sea fauna, which was moved from the coast to the consumption of the governor and the noble class.
          Mayapan has no definite architectural style, since mixing features of cultures in central Mexico with the style of the ancient Mayan cities; When falling Chichen Itza, Mayapan sought retake the classic mayan style, but without fully develop it.

Tiemtable & Fares
Timetable: It´s open every day of the year from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm.
General Fare (nationals & foreign): $36 pesos.
  • Access to Mayapan is free for nationals on sunday, with identification.
  • From monday to saturday discounts for students, teachers and seniors (Inapam) apply with valid identification.

  • Location & How to Get to Mayapan
    Location: Mayapan is located 52 km from Merida, practically in the center of the state of Yucatan.
    How to Get to Mayapan from Merida
    • How to Get by Bus: from Noreste terminal of 2nd class, located on 67th street and 50th in Merida downtown; the timetable is at 8:30, 9:30 y 11:00 hrs; the price of the ticket is $22 pesos and takes 1 hr to get there; the bus stops 100 meters of the zone; you have to tell the driver that you go to the arqueological zone.
    • How to Get by Car: from Merida downtown, take the 59th street until the outloop of the city, here you' find the signal to the highway to Chichen Itza, after 5 km there is a detour to Mayapan, the trip takes 1 hr.

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