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Cuzama Cenotes
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cenotes de cuazama Cenotes
Cuzama Cenotes
Homun Cenotes
Dzitnup Cenotes
The Tour
          This is a popular tour in Yucatan, due to the unusual way to visit the cenotes on board of a truck and the beauty of them. The tour includes three underground cenotes, all of them into the jungle; the tour is on board of a truck; 30 minutes to swim are allowed in each cenote and the total trip takes 3 hrs.
          The truck is like a small train that is pulled by a horse on rails; truck was used to transport the plant of henequen to the machine house and proccess it; currently for better comfort, the truck has been modified with seats. To take the tour through the jungle with the truck is a rustic, traditional and fun adventure in Yucatan, apart from the incomparable beauty of the cenotes.

The Cenotes
          The tour includes 3 amazing cenotes, which are:
  • Chelentun Cenote. It is the first cenote of the tour, access is easy with a rustic wooden stairs that descend about 20 meters between plants and trees; water is deep blue and clear; this is the only one with a not deep part. The dome of the cenote is type tunnel and the end the water is deeper.

  • Chacsinicche Cenote. The second cenote of the tour; it has almost its entire vault, although over time it is possible that trees and their roots break the vault. It has a comfortable wooden stairs that descend about 20 meters and reach the level of the water; impresses the indigo blue water and its transparency.

  • Bolonchojol Cenote. The last cenote and less accessible; to come in you have to get down with a total vertical wooden stairs about 15 meters, giving an extreme touch; due to its full dome, there is only some sunlight through small holes, causing the colors in water from turquoise up to emerald green, giving a beautiful and mystical view. Even if you are not going to swim in the cenote, is worthy to come in to the cenote. This cenote is listed as one of the most beautiful of Yucatan.

Timetable & Fares
Timetable: Cuzama is open every day of the year, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm.
Fare per truck: $300 pesos; the truck takes 4 people and includes the entrances to the cenotes.
Important: the last trip of the truck leaves at around 3:30 pm, this one will be faster for taking advantage of sunlight.

Location & How to Get to Cuzama from Merida
Location: Cuzama is located in the center of the state of Yucatan, 48km from the city of Merida in the East direction. The tourist center is 1 km out of Cuzama, towards the village of Chunkanan.
How to Get to Cuzama from Merida
  • How to Get by Bus: from the Noreste terminal of 2nd class, located on 67th street and 50th in Merida downtwn; the timetable is 7:45, 9:15, 10:45, 12:30 and 14:30 hrs; this bus takes you until Cuzama, it takes 1 and half hours and the price of the ticket is $18 pesos. Another option to get faster to Cuzama, it's by colectivo (a smaller bus), which you can take it opposite the same bus station on 67th street and colectivos leave when they are full. From Cuzama you have to take a mototaxi (typical trasport of villages in Yucatan) until the tourist center, where you can take the trucks, the mototaxi gets there in 15 minutes and costs $25 pesos per person.
  • How to Get by Car: from Merida downtown, take the 59th street until the outloop of the city, there you'll find the signal for the highway to Chichen Itza and Valladolid, take it; there is a detour after 5 km that says Acanceh village, follow it; come in to Acanceh village and then continue to Cuzama; from here the tourist center where you can take the tour is located 1 km out of Cuzama towards Chunkanan village; the trip takes 1 hour.

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