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Dzitnup Cenotes
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Famous Cenotes
          Dzitnup cenotes are the most visited and famous of Yucatan, particularly the X'keken cenote. A tourist center has been built at the site wher eyou can find craft shops, sweets and fruits in the region, stone walkways, restrooms and other services, to make more pleasant the visit.
          The entrance of the cenotes has been modified for easy and safe access even have been equipped with artificial lights and lifeguards; the essence of the cenotes remains and swim there is a unique experience.

The Cenotes
          The tour includes two cenotes, which are:
  • X'keken Cenote. This cenote is the most famous of Yucatan, because it appears in many travel guides of Yucatan, photos and postcards; it was one of the first discovered and open to the public; with strange rock formations, green and blue water and a small hole in your dome that lets in sunlight, make this cenote one of the most beautiful in the state. Its entrance is through a hole and some stone steps go down to the water level.

  • Samulah cenote. Its dome is fragile and the hole at the top has been expanding for the growth of plants and trees. The water body is large, of various shades of blue and transparent. This cenote used to have a tree called Alamo, the roots of this tree grew from the surface and until the level of water reaching 25 meters in length; the tree was struck by lightning and died, now there are only a few dry roots. The entrance to the cenote has been modified significantly, which begins with a stone staircase and then there is a wooden staircase leading down to the water level.

Timetable & Fares
Timetable: is open every day of the year, form 8:00 am a 5:00 pm.
Fare for nationals for each cenote: $31 pesos (both cenotes $62 pesos).
Fare for foreigners for each cenote: $59 pesos (both cenotes $118 pesos).
Location & How to Get to Dzitnup from Merida
Location: Dzitnup is 160 km from the city of Merida, in the eastern of Yucatan state; very close to Valladolid and 40 km from Chichen Itza.
How to Get to Dzitnup from Merida
  • How to Get by Bus: you have to go to Valladolid first, from CAME terminal of 1rst class, located on 70th street and 71th in Merida downtown; the timetable is 6:00, 6:30, 7:40, 8:00, 9:15, 9:40, 10:40, 11:00, 12:40 hrs; the price of the ticket is $178 pesos and takes 2 hrs to get there; from Valladolid you can take a taxi until Dzitnup cenotes, finally you'll be there in 20 more minutes.
  • How to Get by Car: from Merida city, you have to go to Valladolid. Take the 59th street until the outloop of the city, there you'll find the highway to Valladolid, it´s the same one to Chichen Itza; whe you get to Kantunil village, you have the option to go by the freeway or the toll road; if you on the freeway before you come in to Valladolid, you'll find the detour for Dzitnup cenotes, this way you get there in 2 hrs. If you take the toll road, you'll get there in 1 and a half hour, then you look for the highway to Chichen Itza and after driving 5 minutes you will find the detour to Dzitnup cenotes.

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