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Wonders of Yucatan (11 days)
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General Information
This trip is aimed those who like to discover new cultures, exuberant nature and taste new flavors. Some activities will be climbing mayan pyramids, swimming in refreshing cenotes, boating through mangroves, walking in colonial streets and enjoying the exquisite local cuisine as well as the local traditions.
Day Destination Type Overnight
  1 Valladolid Colonial Valladolid
  2 Ek Balam & Cenote Archaeology & Nature Valladolid
  3 Chichen Itza, Cenote & Merida Archaeology, Nature & Colonial Merida
  4 Celestun Nature Merida
  5 Uxmal & Museum of the Chocolate Archaeology & Eco-Museum Campeche
  6 Campeche & Transfer to Palenque Colonial Palenque
  7 Palenque & Misolha Archaeology & Nature Palenque
  8 Yaxchilan & Roberto Barrios Waterfalls Archaeology & Nature Palenque
  9 Transfer to Calakmul NA Calakmul
 10 Calakmul Archaeology & Nature Bacalar
 11 Bacalar Nature NA
Day 1: Arrival & Transfer to Valladolid
Welcome and presentation of your driver and guide at the airport or hotel in Cancun. Later we moved to the city of Valladolid, to know the colonial beauty of its streets, parks and squares; we also will walk between the walls of your churches and your magnificent convent as well as start enjoying an authentic Mexican atmosphere.
Valladolid. It is a beautiful city that mixes civil and religious architecture, including its fortified convent of San Bernardino de Siena, its cathedral of San Gervasio and its iconic and elegant Calzada de los Frailes street. Valladolid is synonymous with delicious typical food and the creation of fine crafts.
The location of Valladolid is ideal for discovering many natural attractions such as cenotes and Mayan archaeological sites.
Start: Cancun - Overnight: Valladolid
Day 2: Ek Balam & Cenote
We will visit Ek Balam, considered one of the most mysterious Mayan sites, where we will climb one of the largest pyramids, discover one of the most decorated structures in the Mayan world and where its most important ruler was buried. Later we continue to the exuberant natural reserve of Ria Lagartos, home of the pink flamingo and crocodiles among others.
Ek Balam. Conceived as an artistic fortress. This city had 3 walls as protection and inside it flourished a great amount of art in painting and decorated on stone and stucco. In the main structure, the acropolis, a real Mayan tomb was found.

Cenote. Word from the Maya dzonot (well with fresh water). It is a natural swimming pool in the middle of the jungle, perfect for a refreshing swim. Cenotes were considered by the Mayas as sacred places.
Start: 9:00 AM / Valladolid - Overnight: Valladolid
Day 3: Chichen Itza, Cenote & Merida
We will discover the fascinating history of Chichén Itzá, we will walk among its immense ball game, we will discover the secrets of the famous pyramid to Kukulcán and its always sacred mystic cenoteo; Later we will swim in one of the most beautiful and spectacular cenotes of Yucatan and finally we will visit the colonial and elegant city of Merida.
Chichen Itza. The most famous of the Mayan archaeological sites and a reflection of the greatness of this civilization. It is also a world heritage site and one of the new wonders of the world.

Cenote. Word from the Maya dzonot (well with fresh water). It is a natural swimming pool in the middle of the jungle, perfect for a refreshing swim. Cenotes were considered by the Mayas as sacred places.

Mérida. Colonial city with more than 450 years of history and one of the cultural capitals of Mexico; It has cultural and artistic activities every day and is consolidated as a gastronomic destination.
Start: 8:00 AM / Valladolid - Overnight: Merida
Day 4: Celestun
We will take a boat tour of the nature reserve to observe the famous pink flamingos, many types of birds, a surreal mangrove tunnel and some fresh water sources; finally we will enjoy the beaches of Celestun.
Celestun. One of the most important nature reserves in Mexico, home to one of the largest colonies of pink flamingos and a wide variety of herons, ducks and mammals, as well as various types of mangrove trees.
Celestun also has beautiful beaches for swimming and a great variety of seafood and fish dishes.
Start: 8:00 AM / Merida - Overnight: Merida
Day 5: Uxmal & Museum of the Chocolate
We will visit the archaeological zone of Uxmal, where we will discover some of the most beautiful structures of the Mayan world and climb pyramids with spectacular views; Later we will visit the cocoa museum, to meet animals of the region, Mayan ceremonies and to drink and eat the Mayan style chocolate. Finally we continue to the city of Campeche.
Uxmal. One of the most important archaeological sites of the Mayan culture and considered an architectural treasure for the remarkable decoration in its structures. It is located in the area Puuc (hill in Maya), south of Yucatan and is a world heritage place.

Museum of the Chocolate. Unique museum of its kind, where we can see the close relationship of the Mayas and the cocoa, the flora and fauna of the region and the preparation and tasting of Maya-style chocolate, as well as the historical and current importance of chocolate.
Start: 8:00 AM / Merida - Overnight: Campeche
Day 6: Campeche & Transfer to Palenque
We will know the historic and fortified city of Campeche, we will walk through its elegant and colorful streets, we will hear fascinating stories of pirates who ravaged this city; later we will continue towards Palenque, in the Mexican jungle.
Campeche. One of the few walled cities of Mexico and also a world heritage site. It was one of the most important ports during the colonial times; For this reason it was constantly attacked by pirate ships.
Its houses and churches are colonial style with renaissance and baroque details. Currently it is a quiet city and an excellent cuisine based on fish and seafood.
Start: 9:00 AM / Campeche - Overnight: Palenque
Day 7: Palenque & Misolhá
In Palenque we will discover one of the most interesting and fascinating Mayan kingdoms, not only because of the spectacular jungle where it is located, but also because of the stories of its governors. Later we will visit some spectacular waterfalls in the middle of the jungle to take a refreshing bath.
Palenque. Considered one of the Mayan capitals due to architectural development, engineering and wealth. Its strategic location, at the foot of the mountains and in the middle of a dense tropical forest, allowed it to obtain victories in many military campaigns and dominating the region for a long time.

Misol Ha. Waterfalls with a fall of approximately 25 meters high that flows into a natural pool; This mixture of water and forest has allowed the flowering of a great variety of flora and fauna of the region.
Start: 8:00 AM / Palenque - Overnight: Palenque
Day 8: Yaxchilan & Roberto Barrios Waterfalls
We will go deep into the rainforest to meet Yaxchilán, one of the most powerful and mystical cities of the mayas. To get to Yaxchilán, we will navigate one of the most exotic and important rivers in the Mayan area, the Usumacinta River, a natural border between Guatemala and Mexico. Later we will visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area, ideal for a refreshing swim.
Yaxchilan. Conceived as a customs house, it achieved great importance due to its strategic location on the banks of the Usumacinta River. Many feats of their rulers were engraved on stelae, lintels and bas-reliefs of their structures, giving a good chronology of their warlike history.

Roberto Barrios Cascades. The waterfalls are located on the outskirts of Palenque, descending from the mountains of Chiapas state. They are surrounded by lush vegetation and have been a source of water supply for the population since the Mayan era.
Start: 6:00 AM / Palenque - Overnight: Palenque
Day 9: Transfer to Calakmul
We will continue our journey through the rainforest, to reach one of the most important natural and cultural reserves of Mexico and America, the Natural and Cultural Reserve of Calakmul.
Start: 10:00 AM / Palenque - Overnight: Calakmul
Day 10: Calakmul & Transfer to Bacalar
We will enter the jungle to see one of the great Mayan capitals, much of it still under the dense rainforest; In our walk through the city we will also observe the incredible and exuberant flora and fauna of this region. Later we will continue to the town of Bacalar.
Calakmul. It is one of the largest Mayan cities discovered and that had influence in all the Maya area and even Mesoamerica; because of its location in the heart of the jungle, it has the category of mixed heritage site, cultural and natural.
Calakmul belongs to the second largest forest in America, it is also the largest tropical reserve in Mexico and where more than 83 species of mammals, more than 170 species of trees and more than 70 species of orchids live.
Start: 8:00 AM / Bacalar - Overnight: Tulum
Day 11: Bacalar & End of Services
We will enjoy one of the most beautiful lagoons in Mexico, also called the 7 color lagoon, for its variety of blue tones; we will navigate in the cenotes and water eyes that feed the lagoon. We will also meet a small fort as a protection against pirates.
Bacalar. The lagoon is 42 km long, 2 km wide and fed by 7 cenotes, which create the variety of blue tones of the lagoon. In the rainy season it connects to the Caribbean Sea, increasing its size and variety of colors.
The town of Bacalar was besieged by pirates in search of precious woods and slave trade during colonial times. There is currently a picturesque town and remains of a fort used as protection
Start: 8:00 AM / Bacalar - Overnight: NA
What is Included?
-Accommodation for 10 nights in a 3 or 4 star hotel with american breakfast
-Private service of official guide & driver throughout the service
-Transfer from the airport or hotel upon arrival in Cancun
-Entrance feee to the sites specified in the program
-Lunches (in previously established places)
Not Included
-Entrance fees not specified in the program
-Dinners, drinks
Map of the Circuit
Frequently Asked Questions
When is the best time to travel to Mexico?
From November to March the country is cool and cold in most of the territory and the favorite months to visit Mexico. April and May are warm months and from June to October is the rainy season; but it's not a bad time to travel, since it only rains during the afternoon and for a short time, making the climate cooler and a greener and exuberant territory.
Are there specific dates for the circuit?
There is not. You can choose the date that best suits you.
Can we start the circuit from another city, for example Playa del Carmen, Tulum o Mérida?
Yes we can. We can start from Playa del Carmen, Tulum or even from the city of Merida.
Can you modify the circuit to have more or less days or visit more or less places?
Yes you can. The circuits are private and may have modifications according to your needs.
Can I decide not to include the food and eat on my own?
Yes you can. We include the food for ease and tranquility but you can eliminate this service and eat where you decide.
What extra expenses can I have?
The service does not include drinks, tips and personal expenses. Mexico is a cheap country compared to US or Europe. However, wine and/or cocktails could be expensive because in Mexico, wine is not common.
Is there vegetarian and/or vegan food in Mexico?
We have vegetarian dishes; However, due to the nature of vegan food it is more difficult to obtain, but there are always at least 1 or 2 dishes.
Are the services accredited by the Department of Tourism of Mexico?
Yes we are. All the services we offer (transport, driver and guide) are official and registered by the Department of Tourism of Mexico.
Bookings and Questions
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