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Colonial Towns
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Colonial Towns
          Spanish conquistadors founded colonial cities and typical villages with the help of the Mayan people and their sculptural skill. Most of villages were founded on ancient Mayan cities and the rocks of settlements were used to lift the colonial churches, which are the most representative structures of each town; from churches began the task of inculcating the new religion to the Mayan Indians.
          The history of the colonial cities of Yucatan begins with the founding of Merida in 1542, the following year in 1543 the city of Valladolid is founded and Izamal is consolidated as one of the most important religious cities due to the construction of its magnificent convent. Also a lot of traditional villages are built in Spanish colonial style with a main square surrounded by important structures such as the church and the city hall.

Magical Towns of Mexico
          Currently the colonial cities of Izamal and Valladolid have the category of Magical Town of Mexico due to unique features; highlighting its historic, cultural and gastronomic richness as well as pre-Hispanic and colonial structures, ingrained habits, traditions and mainly people who care and kept alive their beliefs and lifestyle unique to each village.
          In Izamal has a lot of craft shops, visit its impressive convent and enjoy of its excellent gastronomy in some of the typical restaurants; besides the tranquility of the village and its ecotourism hotels make the stay very enjoyable. On the other hand Valladolid is a historic town, with museums and craft markets, streets and colonial neighborhoods, equally rich cuisine and several cenotes in and around the city, as well as good services, among these boutique hotels and restaurants.

Colonial Churches
          In each village of Yucatan there is a colonial church; all of them were built with stones of Mayan cities that were dismantled by order of the Spanish conquistadors. Many times the size of the church is very large proportions in relation to the number of people living in the village.
          The purpose of the construction of churches was to convert the indigenous Maya the new Christian religion and adopt traditions and customs of the old world.

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