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Plaza Principal de Mérida Colonial Towns
The White City
          Merida is also known as "The White City". The reason is by its clean streets and clear clothing of its inhabitants. Merida is a city with a great colonial past, cultural heritage and friendly people who live their traditions and costumes.
          Merida is the capital of Yucatan state and a beautiful city that combines a rich colonial past and the touch of a modern city. Also is the ideal starting point to know the amazing Mayan civilization, as well as other colonial cities, mysterious cenotes and warm beaches.

          Merida was founded on January 6th, 1542 by Francisco de Montejo "El Mozo" on the Mayan ruins known as T'ho. Many of the stones of the ruins were used for the construction of the cathedral and the house of its founder, as well as other buildings in the main square. July 13th, 1618 the city received the title of "Very noble and loyal city of Merida," along with his coat of arms, which was granted by King Felipe II of Spain. In the 17th, 18th and 19th century Mérida city grows due to that wealth and population of Spanish origin are concentrated in the city because of this indian uprisings arise in the state and also pirate attacks from the Yucatan coast.
          In the late 19th century Yucatan produces and exports the henequen plant or sisal and thanks to this the city grew significantly and new colonies, theaters, schools and Paseo de Montejo avenue were founded. The Canton Palace located on the avenue is one of the most beautiful buildings, it belongs to the Italian Renaissance style and was built with materials imported from Italy and France; initially it was residence of the governors of Yucatan and currently hosts the Regional Museum of Anthropology and History.
          Currently Merida is the most important city of the Mexican southeast and leader in culture, industries, colleges and services. Merida has tourist and travel services for all types of traveler and a variety of cultural events, museums and historic buildings. It's also a peaceful city and a people rooted in their traditions and customs.

Location & How to Get to Merida
Location: Merida is located northwest of the state of Yucatan, in the peninsula of the same name.
How to Get To Merida From Nearby Cities
  • How to Get by Bus: From Cancun you can take a bus from the ADO terminal, there are hourly departures to Merida and from other nearby cities like Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Campeche there are frequent departures.
  • How to Get by Car: from Cancun take the highway 180 towards Merida, then you'll have two options the free highway and the toll road; the trip on the free highway takes 4hrs 30minutes and on the tollroad 3hrs to Merida. From Playa del Carmen you have to go to Cancun and then to Merida; from Tulum you have to take the highway to Valladolid and then to Merida on the highway 180 you also have the option to take the tollroad from Valladolid.
How to Get From Any City of Mexico: Merida has direct flights from Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. From another city, you can fly to Mexico City and then take a flight to Merida, which are common, especially on weekends.
How to Get from the Abroad: Most people who come to Yucatan from abroad is through the Cancun airport, Cancun is a neighboring city of Mérida and is located in the state of Quintana Roo. This is the major international airport of Mexico, with direct flights to major cities in Europe, USA, Canada, South America and Asia.
From Cancun airport you can take a bus of the ADO line to the terminal in Cancun downtown and from their another bus to Merida city.

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