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Yucatan Secrets is a multimedia platform to promote the culture, nature and travel services of Yucatan and the Mayan world. We have presence on the internet and social networks, as well as agreements with tourism providers (travel agencies, restaurants, guides, transporters, etc.), associations and groups dedicated to this activity.
Internet and Social Networks
Yucatan Secrets receives more than 25,000 visits per month, with an average stay of 15 minutes on the site; this guarantees the promotion in Mexico and the world of the attractions and travel services in Yucatan and the Mayan world. We also have presence in social networks and our newsletter service reaches more than 3,000+ subscribers in Mexico and the world, guaranteeing the dynamism and expansion of the website.
Artículo en el Sitio Web
Includes a full page (text and image gallery) to promote any tourist service, travel product or cultural event. Includes the main image on the home pages (spanish-english) for 2 weeks (14 days) and the promotion on our social networks and the newsletter. If you want more information to advertise, write to us from our contact page and we will respond shortly.
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About Yucatan Secrets
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