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Beaches of Yucatan
Beautiful Nature
          Celestun is Yucatan's one most beautiful places, with a mix of exotic vegetation and fauna, as well as beaches in colors emerald green and blue. La Ria is a place that you have to visit, which includes a tour into the mangroves to the area of the pink flamingos, an much more kind of birds; there is also an “eye of water” called Baldiosera, which is a small manantial of fresh water where you can swim in the middle of the jungle.
          To take the tour for the “La Ria” you have two options; one of them is from the tourist center, which is next to the bridge that you cross to get to Celestun beach; the other way is from the beach, where the people of the village give the tour to the "La Ria" too. Don´t forget enjoy the beaches of Celestun and some of the dishes of sea food with the day's catch in any restaurant on the seashore.
          Celestun is a very quiet place with good services, hotels of several categories and restaurants to enjoy an unique journey.

Location & How to Get to Celestun from Merida
Location: Celestún is located 90 km from Merida, on the west coast of Yucatan.
How to Get to Celestun from Merida
  • How to Get by Bus: from the Noreste terminal of 2nd class, located on 67th street & 50 in Merida downtown; the timetable is from 6:00 hrs and every hour until 14:00 hrs. The price of the ticket is $70 pesos and takes 2 and a half hours to get there.
  • How to Get by Car: from merida downtown take the 65th street until Itzaes Avenue, here you'll find the signal for Celestun highway, you'll get there in 2 hours.

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