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Beaches in Yucatan
Beaches of Yucatan       Exuberant Nature      Typical Food of the Coast
Beaches of Yucatan
Beaches of Yucatan
          The beaches of Yucatan are quiet and with blue waters and emerald green, many of which are still large virgins extensions, with fine white sand.
          Yucatan is a privileged region, as it has over 370 km of coastline around the Gulf of Mexico; most coastal villages engaged in fishing and you can find restaurants offering traditional dishes with the day's catch; it's also common to find exuberant nature, own of the Yucatan coast, such as the beautiful pink flamingos, mangrove tree and a variety of birds.

Exuberant Nature
          It is common to see various types of birds in the Yucatan coast, such as seagulls and pelicans, which increase in number and variety in the winter because they migrate from the low temperatures of Canada and the northern United States; several Yucatan beaches are natural reserve of pink flamingo, osprey, parrots, among others animals.
          Another attraction of the Yucatan coast are mangrove trees, which grow in rivers that are before the beach that connect with the sea; this tree grows several meters high and are home to a wide variety of animals; there are also eyes or sources of fresh water (cenotes type small lake) that enrich the habitat; some animals that live here are the howler monkeys, raccoons, huge iguanas, termites, anteaters and a variety of snakes, among others.

Typical Food of the Coast
          On the beaches there is a variety of typical dishes, which are prepared from fishes and seafood. The most popular dishes are ceviche and fried fish. It is also common to find cocktails with seafood. Most popular seafood in Yucatan are shrimp, octopus, conch and various types of fish by season.
          Another typical dish is fish in Mayan style, called Tikin Xic, which is marinated with a spice called achiote, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled to be supplemented with tomato sauce and habanero pepper to taste. Celestun Beach is one of the best for seafood dishes and fish.

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