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Origins      Most Important Traditions
          Yucatan is an endless mosaic of customs, traditions and culture; most traditions are the legacy of the great Mayan civilization and later merging with the Spanish and European culture. Yucatecan people still have ingrained this cultural heritage, mainly in the villages of the Yucatan State.
          People of Yucatan have a very particular style of living, thanks to the interest in caring and maintaining the customs and traditions. Due to its traditions and customs, Yucatan it's a great cultural attraction for visitors, who return over and over to this peaceful place and home of a great cultural legacy.

Most Important Traditions
          The most important traditions that give identity to Yucatan and can be enjoyed by the visitors are:
  • La Jarana (The typical dance of Yucatan)
  • Gastronomy
  • The Typical Dress
  • Day of the Dead Celebration or Hanal Pixan
  • Handicrafts
  • Trova Music (Romantic music from Yucatan)
  • Religious processions

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