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Books: The Colonial Churches of Yucatan
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The Yucatan State
Books: The Colonial Churches of Yucatan
Treasures of Yucatan
               Every year millions of tourists visit the beaches of the Caribbean in the Yucatan peninsula as well as the famous Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Uxmal and Tulum; but only few visitors know the villages and the interior of Yucatan and it is here where the colonial churches are located, fascinating witness the clash of two cultures.
               The construction of the colonial churches was ordered by Franciscan monks to evangelize the indigenous Mayas. Churches are where before there was a Maya settlement and stone structures were used for its construction. Hundreds of churches were built across the peninsula, some still retain altarpieces, paintings, murals and accessories belonging to the conquest; for its history and its current importance are considered treasures of Yucatan.

The Books
               The creation of the books was an intense work of several years, thousands of miles traveled in the Yucatan península and thousands of photos taken. The result is a unique work of two volumes of The Colonial Churches of Yucatan (Tomo I - Mérida y el oeste de la península de Yucatán y Tomo II - Valladolid y el este de la península de Yucatán), that has the most comprehensive and professional collection of images .
               Each volume has over 300 pages and 300 color images; emphasized in the pictures, the front of the churches, altarpieces, paintings and murals of the era of the conquest; according to the importance each image includes an explanation and location. The books were printed in the Editorial Summanus located in Cologne Germany with high quality materials; both volumes feature deluxe hardcover.
               The books were conceived and created by German-born photographers Jürgen Putz and Christian Heck who took all the photographs; the format, retouching images and sketches were made by Gabi Förster. Many people in Yucatan were part of this project, who are mentioned in the books and acknowledge.

Get The Books
               Actually the books has a very reasonable price, each volume costs $300 pesos. To get them, you can order through our contact page. Both volumes are available in spanish, english and german version.
               Books: The Colonial Churches of Yucatan, are unique works with historical, cultural and artistic content worthy of the most demanding connoisseur.

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